Top 6 best lessons for late season of hunting mature deer

Deer hunters usually get 2 kinds of emotion for late season of hunting, either hate it or love it, because in this time, the chances to capture a big goal are much harder. You must have a right tactic, good hunting skill and excellent equipment for your success. In this article, we will talk about 6 best lessons for a nice deer hunting party in late season.

Which time to hunt

1.    Wait for a strike:

The first lesson and also the most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right time hunting. Every time you come to the hunting property, you are putting pressure on both deer and you. If you organize a hunting party in the wrong time, you give a chance for your goal to recognize and be educated about your appearance, which will lead to a bad result. So, let’s choose the best time for late season.

2.    Choose the correct condition:

The best condition for late season hunting is cold and snow weather. Let’s choose the time when the temperature drops down under the recent high or the average temperature because in this condition, your deer will move more early than usual and it will also reduce your human scent because you have not to sweat much.

3.    Never hunt in the morning:

Instead of organizing a hunting party in the morning, let’s choose night time. Morning hunt has the higher risks of lower reward as the light will have your deer a chance to get good view and you will be recognized easily. It is opposite of you hunt at night, the view of deer will be limited and it is your show time.

Which places to hunt?

4.    Notice the Close-to-food bedding area:

Deer, especially at this late season, will choose to sleep near food sources. If it happens in your area, set a careful plan to trap them without spooking the others nearby. Ensure the place where your deer are sleeping and do not come to close to. If you cannot hunt without spooking the nearby deer, let’s choose the other positions.

5.    Choose green food sources if it is on warm days

Late season is especially involved to food sources as deer will focus much more on them as well as stock energy for the next season. So, the key of success in this period is to find out the likely food sources of deer to plan the right tactic. Usually, on warm days, they choose to bed near the green food sources such as clover fields, winter wheat, etc.

6.    Choose grain sources if it is cold days

Of course, on winter, there are not many sources of green food for deer so that they need to find out the alternative ones to live. It is grain. So, if your late season is on this time, please keep an eye on grain sources as well as the bedding area of deer to plan carefully.

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