5 mistakes of jogging can’t lose weight


Surely, if you want to lose weight you can choose many different methods. However, there is a safe way that we must exercise. You will play a type of sport which you like and maintain this habit regularly. Although you spend a lot of time for practicing every day you can’t lose weight. What is the reason? This is also a question of many people who want to lose weight by exercising. To do anything, you must have some knowledge about it and avoid some mistakes to exercise effectively. In the case, you can’t lose weight when you exercise very hard. You should consider your training methods. So it is very important to exercise properly. Here are 5 common mistakes of jogging which it will not help you lose weight. I think all information will be extremely useful for your life.

1. Maintaining the same training session

  • woman-JoggingWhen you have a habit for jogging every day at the same time (normally about 30 to 45 minutes a day) it means you repeat this thing many times so the process becomes very easy with your body. Gradually it became easier to burn a lot of calories during the same exercise.
  • According to some researchers at the University of Tampa indicated that all steady exercises such as running on a treadmill or jogging for 45 minutes only help you lose weight in the beginning stage. Those who tested only lost one kilogram in the first week and then stopping. The reason is that after the first week of their metabolism is already familiar with your training.
  • Besides, when you still maintain the steadily of jogging on the average intensity the calories will be burned in the limited period which you will release the sweat. Your body will adapt it later and its benefits will be reduced. Thus, if you want to lose weight, you should try to train with the high intensity or weight training.

2. Running longer but not faster

Many people want to lose weight quickly so they increase the time for running. However, their result is very disappointed. They can’t lose many kilograms although they run longer than before. This can be explained that when you run further than the first time you still keep your intensity. At that time, your body can not release a lot of calories. It is better to combine of running longer and faster. It means that the training with the high intensity will contribute to losing weight rapidly.

3. Focusing too much on the calories burned

  • One of the most common mistakes is to believe that calories are burned from exercise. This is a dangerous thinking. All daily activities of us such as sleeping, standing, eating, thinking… also require a lot of energy. If you compare to a number of calories while training with calories of body functions it is only a small part.
  • Some people said that there is no need to practice which your body still lose calories. Of course, it is wrong. Exercise has many benefits for our health. It is important to choose the type of exercise which it can burn a lot of calories in the short time. And only jogging with high intensity maybe burn more calories than the body functions.


4. Do not try other sports

  • Your goal of weight loss is not effective if you like a sport and maintain this exercise for a long period. Because at that time your muscles are familiar with this exercise they become very normal with your practicing.
  • Again, this must not be “jogging every day does not bring the effect” for your health. I want to talk about your weight loss goal. You like jogging, you can do it but you should change how to run with high intensity instead of walking or jogging a long time.

5. Running so much

  • In fact, many people think that running so much will help you lose weight effectively. But it is only a common mistake. You should exercise an hour for a day it is enough with the suitable exercises. If you practice so hard you do not still lose weight. It is better to change your training methods. The weight training and jogging with high intensity are the best choices for you.
  • On the other hands, you must make yourself feel more comfortable and provide the necessary nutrition for your body. It is also to speed up the metabolism and help weight loss effectively. Usually, you will be amazed at this scientific method.

Jogging is a sport which many people choose to improve their health. It is also appropriate both adults and kids. However, if you want to choose this sport for your weight loss goal you should avoid 5 common mistakes which I just mentioned above. Through this article, you will have the proper methods to lose weight. Besides, you also know some mistakes which you maybe never think. I wish now you will find out the answer why jogging sometimes is not effective to lose weight.

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