The status of substandard helmets today

1. Currently, on many streets, there are many points of sale of the helmet on the roadside.

  • When you want to buy a fashionable helmet, you will get the sellers introduced various types such as: the cap used in case of riding motorcycles, electric bicycles, playing sports and even at work. All have relatively compact designs, covering partly your head. Cheapest ones cost about 1 dollar a piece, while the most expensive one is 7.5 USD. Some hats have CR conformity stamps; the rest does not have CR stamps but have the silver reflective labels like stamps. If you are a person who has never ever learnt about the specifications of the CR quality standard conformity mark, you are very easy to think that these kinds of hat are standard ones. Therefore, it is better that you need to read motorcycle helmet reviews to find a helmet standard and prestige for yourselves and your families.
  • The shop owners will tell you that for this source of goods, the best sellers are sports helmet as same as the caps that the youth loves much. If you want to see proof of origin and quality of hats, they will say that there is full documentation, but do not carry. These people sell goods without paying tax. These products are also not the helmets for motorcyclists, the high-quality goods, but they still sell for cyclists and workers, or for those who are lost the helmet wear temporarily. In some other places, helmets are displayed on the sidewalk to sell. Price of each helmet is just about 1 – 2 USD. These sellers have not been tested and fined by functional departments so far. According to them, these hats are labeled “sport helmet” but not “motorcycle helmet”, they just have nice designs, because they sell to make a living through the day so may be no one will fine them.

2. Now, even the legally

Helmet business stores also have sold all kinds of fashion hats with the label “hats for sports players”, The price is a few dollars for each hat. But we see that this kind of fashionable sport hats are still selected to buy by many traffic participants and used when traveling on motorcycles, motorbikes. Buyers now usually prefer lightweight sport hats, with fabric cover on top, and their price is very cheap. They wear them to avoid the traffic police but they are not the helmets, so they are not safe when wearing during riding. Because they are traders, they will sell the best selling products.

3. On the traffic roads

We now see that most motorcycle riders wear the half-face helmets, fashionable hat like the caps to avoid the sunlight, very few wear the full-face type of helmet. Thus, among motorcyclists who were required to stop the motorcycle by traffic police for controlling on the highway section, the motorcyclist wearing poor-quality helmet is the most. When the traffic police checked the quality of the helmet, they discovered most of these fashionable sport hats have the unknown origin. There are the soft ones as cloth caps, there are ones cracked but still in use. When they are asked why they wear types of fashionable hats, traffic participants almost have said that they feel those hats compact, lightweight and modern, so they wear them. If wearing other big types of hat, it is a bit heavy; it makes your head uncomfortable. Although they still know that actually other kinds of hats are good, and these ones are no guarantees, your head will be broken if you fall.

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