What shoes are best for fast walking?

When deciding on shoes for fast walking, you need to make sure that they do not impede your brisk footsteps. Instead, the best shoes for fast walking should enable walkers to speed up and enhance the overall performance. The process of choosing requires buyers to look into their feet condition, for instance, whether they suffer from overpronation. If you do not know where to start, seek professional help from shoe specialists so that you can find the most suitable shoes for fast walking. To find the Best walking shoes for men, you should visit: walkingshoescenter.net


 Running shoes vs. walking shoes for fast walking

It should not come as a surprise to you to know that in some cases, running shoes are superior to walking shoes. At times, walking shoes lack the characteristics that are crucial to fast walking. Manufacturers are keen on providing walkers with shoes which provide a sense of balance and comfort while remaining affordable. Given that, deciding on the best shoes for fast walking is not a challenging task at all.

One important fact to note is that you should avoid buying cross trainers. Their lack of flex may pose as a hindrance to the increase of your speed, which is absolutely essential when it comes to fast walking.

Flexibility is the key to fast walking shoes

No matter what your shoes are, running or walking, they must be flexible. To be more specific, they should allow a variety of movements to be made with minimal difficulty. Fast walking is known to be intensive training, and if your shoes fail to be flexible, they are without a doubt not the right shoes.

However, being overwhelmingly flexible can be unhelpful. A prime example of this is minimalist shoes. While they are highly versatile in motions, they provide little stability. Hence, for those who have difficulty in motion control, they are not suitable. The situation can even be worsened if you are an elderly walker.

Flat shoes

It is a sound piece of advice to choose shoes with a flat design for fast walking. It means that there should be a minimal discrepancy in height between the heel and the front. These days, an advanced version of minimalist shoes has been released to the public. This design offers short heel drop, which is compatible with the specific demands of fast walkers. Thus, you are strongly suggested to try out this new version before it runs out of stock.

When buying shoes, you should not opt for the big heel ones. Big heels will have a negative effect on the productivity of your walking performance. It is not easy to identify instantly whether these shoes have big heels or not, since the design can be deceptive. That is when you should seek advice from those with a profound understanding of fast walking shoes.


No flared heel for fast walking

For running, a flared heel is useful. But for fast walking, it is not. Hence, do not choose shoes with a flared heel, unless you are about to run rather than walk fast.

Cushion depends on the distance

Shoes for fast walking need to be equipped with the right amount of cushioning, which will protect your feet from extra injuries, such as blisters and numb feet. The more you walk, the more cushioning you need. If you plan to embark on fast walking for 4 miles, less cushioning is appropriate. Conversely, if your walk is up to 8 miles, more cushioning is highly recommended.

Remember that the quantity of your needed cushioning is on a par with how far you intend to walk.

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