Some experience to take care of the skin in the baby

Taking care of the baby is a big problem which many young mothers always need help and right experience from others. The health of the baby seems to be happy in the whole family. Therein, the skin of the baby plays an important role which we must know how to care properly.

With the parents, touching and caressing the baby’s skin are very wonderful and you only want to kiss on it. Do you have enough knowledge to protect your baby’s skin? This is not simple, especially with young parents. In the early stages of life, the baby’s skin is very young and fragile, just a little “uncomfortable” is also to cause the rash skin. And that is the reason which your infant is hard to sleep, crying, loss of appetite, bad for the development process. Therefore, mothers should listen and share some experience to take care of the skin in the baby in this article. The useful information will make the mothers have more confident to care the baby’s skin in the right ways.

Selecting the appropriate clothing

  • Normally, the ability to adapt to the baby’s body temperature is weak so the mother must choose the clothes which they should be suitable for the weather.
  • In Summer, when it is hot you should buy the light clothes and spacious with the natural fabrics such as cotton and synthetic fibers to avoid the rash skin in the babies.

  • In Winter, you can wear for your child with the long sleeved clothes to keep warm. Especially, you should not wear the cool coats because they can cause itching when we touch the skin of the baby.
  • In addition, mothers should not choose a fabric with the bright colors because these are often made from the chemical fibers. Of course, these are not good for the newborn’s skin.

Bathing properly

Sometimes, you will think that the infants should not regularly bath. It is a wrong thinking. You should bathe him everyday and spend from 3 to 5 minutes for once times. Besides, the newborn must be bathed with the warm water about 37 degrees Celsius without the use of lotion.

Some steps to bathe for the baby in the right way as follows:

  • Firstly, mother must prepare all necessary things such as warm water, soft towel, the baby’s shampoo….
  • Secondly, using the small soft towel washes his face gently;
  • Thirdly, you should shampoo for your infant quickly and remember to clean out of the shampoo on the baby head. After that, mothers should dry immediately;

  • Then, you wipe the neck, arms, legs, and the whole baby’s body. Do not forget to talk with him during bathing to reduce the fear in the baby.

Using the suitable type of diapers

It is extremely important to select the best type of infant diapers in the stages when your baby is from 0 to 3 months of age. Mothers should choose the kinds of the diapers which they have the soft and absorbent surface.

Beyond that, the diapers must have the bottom surface escape the moisture. This will avoid the diaper rash in the baby significantly.

On the other hands, you must also pay attention to change the diapers about 2 to 3 hours per once. And you should clean with the warm water before wearing the new diaper for your newborn.

In summary, protecting the baby’s skin is the same with protecting the baby’s health. Therefore, the parents should learn many things to take care of the skin of the baby properly. Although it is not easy you can do with 3 important tips which I just mention in this article. I hope that you will get more knowledge as well as more experience about care the baby’s skin. I wish you will apply three ways successfully.

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