How to choose the suitable toy for the baby

Do you have a baby some months of age? Does he know to play the baby toy? These are the common questions which you can answer easily. Actually, your baby will want to play any baby toys because he is exploring all things in the new world. Even when he is sitting in the baby rocking chair you can hang some suitable toys on this chair. I make sure that all of these toys will make him very interested.

Nowadays, parents are not difficult to buy the toys for baby with the different shapes, materials, and price. However, choosing the appropriate toys for age and the suitable development of the baby is a big problem. Thus, in this article, I want to give some basic criteria about how to choose the suitable toys for the baby. I think all parents who have the baby need to note this.

Choosing the suitable toys for the babies age

  • For the baby from 1 to 3 years old

In this stage, mother should only choose the simple toys, easy to hold, and especially having many colors like dice, teddy bear, books, the music toys….

You should not buy the toys which they are too big, or too small. Sometimes, your baby can swallow. Moreover, the sharp angle toys can be very dangerous when he falls into.

  • For the baby over 3 years old

To stimulate the creativity in the baby, you should select the toys that they can help your child have the concentration such as the puzzle, rubik cube, ball, automatic controls….

No buying the toys which they exceed the baby thinking

This is the mistake of many parents when they buy the toys for their baby because they think that it is not harmful and has two reasons as follows:

  • Save the money to buy the new toys because he can play for a long time;
  • Help the child try to explore the novelty in these toys.

In fact, you should not put the pressure on the baby choosing the toys which they require more thinking. It is better that you need to let the baby play with the natural development in his age.

The ideal toys are to stimulate the curiosity, the ability to control but not too difficult for his discovery.

The playing action is as important as playing toys

Normally, the baby will be extremely interested in helping you make the daily work. Therefore, you should encourage him to do the simple work at home.

In addition, you can choose the toys that they can stimulate the multiple senses of the baby. And the toys which the baby can imitate the actions of adults are very great choices as housing (puzzle), cooking toys, gardening (hoes, shovels)

Do not worry if your son likes to play cooking

Many people choose the toys for their baby which those toys must depend on the baby sex. Therefore, parents often buy the cooking toys, makeup, and mirror for the girls while they will choose the car, ball, and some animals for the boys.

That is the reason why many parents feel worry that their son likes to play cooking, or makeup and their daughter likes to play the car or ball. In this situation, you do not worry because the baby about from 4 or 5 years of age will clearly show the preference as well as gender differently.

Respect the baby’s interest with an adjustment

As you know, each baby will have the hobbies and the different interests. It is necessary to respect the baby to buy the toys which your child loves. However, you also need to adjust, teach him by adding the toys which you choose. You can give some reason and convince your baby to agree with your choice. At that time, your baby will be certainly surprised and excited.

Should change the toys when necessary

With the baby under 1 year old, he just likes the sound toys and colors. But when he grows up he will want to play the toys with many functions, for example, the car has many parts which they can be disassembled.

It is very normal when you just buy a toy. And the next day, your baby had to take it into the separate sections. Actually, your child likes this and it is also a way which your baby is playing. Through some mistakes, your baby will learn how to think and feel very interested in it.

In summary, toys are one of the requisites for the entertainment and intellectual development of the baby. I hope that some basic criteria when selecting toys for the baby will help parents recognize how to choose the suitable toys for the baby. This does not only create the space to play but also educate the baby effectively and creatively.

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