The commonly wild animals are hunted in the hunting trips

Have you known what animals are usually hunted in the hunting trips? We will introduce to you here.

1. The price of hunting

• African buffalo

For this type of wild African buffalo, you must pay a fee basing on the gender of the buffalo you want. For examples: if you just pay $ 8,000 to get a license to hunt a male African buffalo, the price for a male one is $ 10,000. Why did it have these differences? It is because the horn of male buffalo bigger than female, the price to hunt male buffalo is higher than a female one.

• Lion

In Africa, the lord of green jungles is encountering the extinction because you know that only thousands of lion are still alive. If in 1980, there are about 200,000 lions but until now, the population of this type of wild animal has cut sharply to only 15,000 lions.

How much is a lion? In several national parks in some countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and others, in order to kill lions, $ 20,000 is the amount you just spent on. Even in South Africa, there are traders who also have made the farms themselves where they breed lions to hold the journey to hunt lions serving the elite.

Here, you must spend just an amount of $ 8,000 to kill a prey, but that number will be up to $ 45,000 for owning total the spoil of the lion you hunted.

• Flamingo

This is one of the amphibious birds. The biological features of this kind are so exciting. If a newborn flamingo has the white feather, the feather of mature ones has the colors depending on they live where with the food source is what, accordingly, they maybe orange pink, light pink or dark red flamingoes. But, this type of amphibious bird mostly has the economic value that is zero. Despite that, people still hunt the flamingoes for exhibition and relaxing aims. You just need to pay $ 100 to get the license for one flamingo.

• Sable antelope

What about sable antelope? You have to spend at least $ 15,000 to get the license to hunt them.

2. The tool to hunt

There are many hunting tools, but have ever you thought you will use the bow when hunting? If you can, let’s try it and you will understand why we suggest! This will be a good selection that helps you to enjoy your hunting trip.

The bows are not only rather good when practicing but also very effective when you shoot the prey in fact. But, you still need to pay attention about the draw weight. The smallest hunting bow should be 40#, even with a range small enough; you can also use the type 15# to shoot.

So, what makes a bow become best to hunt? One important thing you have to keep in mind is no noise when hunting. You must absolutely keep quiet. Let’s imagine after one or two hours luring and tracking the prey when you are waiting to shoot really faultlessly after setting up so carefully, a noise because you draw the string on the bow makes the press run away. So bad! How to restrict this trouble?

Let’s look for a bow that its design is dedicated to lowering the noise when hunting. The limbs of it will use the “quiet” and special materials. People tune it so well. And they also use some parts that can make the string silence. Of course, just silence is not enough for a hunting bow; you can get more odds to help your hunting trip to be interesting and effective.

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