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A fashionable life: Life Uniform combines fashion with value and service in order to outfit healthcare workers nationwide

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Healthcare personnel today have exchanged the traditional white or blue uniforms for vibrant colors and patterns, more fashionable cuts, and a lot more variety. Credit goes to companies like Life Uniform, the country’s super retailer of healthcare scrubs, apparel, best nursing shoes, hosiery, and healthcare accessories and supplies, which in recent years has have added fashion, convenience and customer service to the healthcare apparel mix.

Life Uniform, which operates 200 stores in 38 states, is the only nationwide healthcare uniform retailer. An affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, the company’s strategy is to deliver style, value and service in all areas of work and business.

Thus, Life Uniform works hard to stay current, an effort aided by its national reach, which enables it to see and react to trends faster than smaller competitors. It emphasizes top brands like Dickies, Barco, Landau, Cherokee, and Nurse-Mates, in addition to its own label. It also offers multiple opportunities for healthcare workers to stretch their dollars, with online coupons offering 10% off in any store, online and catalog specials, and the Life Rewards program, a loyalty program that rewards customers with a $10 coupon for every $200 in purchases, an additional 10% off selected merchandise, twice-yearly “members only” sales, and sneak peeks at new merchandise.

On the service front, Life Uniform recognizes that healthcare workers are busy people and can’t often go out of their way to buy uniforms, even if they are fashionable. To make customers’ lives a little easier, the company has taken off with the concept of on-the-job shopping. Through its “Life Scrub Expo” program, a local Life Uniform store manager will come to a facility and set up a temporary store for a day, on a recurring basis. The company provides the sales staff,  set-up, professional fittings, and removal of merchandise after the event.

Life Uniforms also offers facilities the option of having a fully staffed Life Uniform store on-site. In as little as 500 square feet, the company can generate up to $150,000 or $200,000 annually, a percentage going to the hospital for rent. Life Uniform provides all the promotional materials, inventory, personnel, fixtures and supplies for these on-premise stores.


Not surprisingly, the company works directly with healthcare facilities to ensure their workers have a coherent look. Life Uniform store managers will visit facilities to coordinate their professional look in uniform apparel. This includes assistance in selecting a code of uniform dress, delivery of merchandise and organizing the fittings

In addition to standard methods of payment, Life Uniform has developed a payroll deduction program. This enables healthcare facilities to coordinate the appearance of the entire staff quickly and easily. Life Uniform has developed proprietary software that automates the input of payroll assumption sale transactions into most systems of payroll. The payroll deduction sale transactions are electronically captured by Life Uniform and copied to a PC software disc. Life Uniform then coordinates with the Payroll Department to improve interface program that necessary to pass the payroll deduction sales data directly to the payroll system, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually entering these payroll-related transactions. Convenience alone is not enough to sustain a loyal following, so Life Uniform has been putting extra emphasis on customer service. Executives regularly go through customer surveys to assess trends and get customer feedback. They keep a running score for each store and each region, which then becomes part of the company’s evaluation process, and has resulted in improved customer service. The company has upgraded its training programs to make employees more knowledgeable, and added bonus incentives for managers, which has reduced turnover and increased morale.

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Every year, over 300,000 healthcare professionals rely on Nurse Mates comfort footwear and compression hosiery to keep them feeling energized throughout the day. Since 1961, Nurse Mates has been building performance footwear specifically designed for hard working professionals. With its signature blue heart logo, this brand-leader is a key supplier of footwear and support hosiery to LIFE Uniform.

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