Warm up Stretches for Walking

Do you want to look sexy? Are you obsessed about your health?  Well, today we’ll discuss how you can make your body healthier and look sexier by doing some proper warm up stretches pre-walking.

Like all the other things we love to optimize our body even. Studies have proved that warm up exercises are highly beneficial for our health if incorporated in life on the regular basis.Today we have brought for you some Pre-Walk stretches highly recommended before walking. Body Stretching is necessary as it increases your

Today we have brought for you some Pre-Walk stretches highly recommended before walking. Body Stretching is necessary as it increases your Metabolic rate , Combat health issues and assures a good body figure.

1.      Sky Reach

Sky reach stretching in this we should raise our hands upward toward the sky keeping rest of the body standstill. Now try to stretch your body as possible as you can and retain the position for another few seconds.

Now bend your body little sideways until you feel the stretch. This exercise is for your shoulder and forearm stretching. The video below will teach you the different arm and upper body exercises.

2.      Neck Roll

Neck rolling exercise is specially known for relaxing body. This exercise stretches our cervical vertebra. In this, we must first sit in a lotus position and relax.Now the neck is supposed to be rotated slowly in 360° clock wise and anti-clock wise repeating accordingly.

This exercise is for back and neck relaxing but a special precaution should be taken while doing this or you may end up with spinal or Thoracic back pain. Please see the video below before you practice this exercise.


3.      Legs/Calf Stretch

leg stretching is specially recommended for Hamstring Muscles. For this exercise, you would first have to kneel, now put the left leg behind you and your left heel on the floor. Now bend your right knee and lean towards the rod until you feel the stretch. In the calf stretch you should first lean your calf and then exert pressure on the toe part pulling the calcaneus upward, now repeat this accordingly for both the legs.

4.      Toe Touch


Toe touch is a basic gymnastic exercise in this you would have to keep your complete body lose. Now bend the upper part of body forward as in the picture and try touching the toe.

At first, you can bend as much as you can but always try to touch toe. Remember you should keep your knee straight in this exercise while bending.

You can also do it similarly while sitting, this exercise should be repeated at least 10-20 times. It’s also done to stretch stomach as it pulls your belly in.

5.      Quad Stretch

Quad stretch is mainly recommended pre-running cycling or walking. Quad stretch can be done in any way standing, kneeling or Ground.

Here we need to keep our back straight and try to work upon the knee portion pulling it up-words or forward while lying down as in picture.

This exercise is a great relief for joint pains in knee. It’s a best exercise for old people and pregnant women.

6.      Buttock Stretch


This exercises is recommended to heal your sciatic pain. It also stretches the bump and helps you improve your back look. There are several bum exercises. There are several postures in which you can practise the buttock stretch.


I would sum up saying exercise is like a cure which are like miracle but requires discipline and dedication.

Everyone wants to look smart and stay healthy thus for that we should do the exercises daily without failure. In the beginning, it might feel like a pain but in due course you’ll try enjoying it as you feel the benefits.

There are several health benefits of exercises like it lowers risk of Diabetes, Cancer and several other deadly diseases. So, take out your sneakers and gear up for the walk today.


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