Are Steel Toe Boots good or bad for Hunting?

Hunting is an outdoor sport that is mostly engaged for the purpose of leisure. However, it is an activity that involves following animals in their habitat instinctively for food.

Since it is mainly done outdoors, it requires footwear that is very protective up to the knee. The terrain is rough and not suitable for any type of shoes. Even if it is the best steel toe boots but they are not perfect for hunting as they are insulated thus they will be quite uncomfortable to the hunter.

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What do you notice about some important thing you will bring when going hunting?


If you are intending to go hunting by using guns, you can choose the best ar 15 scope to hunt more exactly.

But, now, there is a lot of modern equipment helping you in hunting, for example, scent eliminators. These almost under spraying form. And it is not expensive to buy one. If you want, you can select electronic scent eliminators. Recently, they are becoming more wondered and to be a good selection. Let’s read as many reviews on the Internet about this new product as possible before deciding to buy one for your hunting.

In case you go hunting with a bow:


1. You should consider the draw weight of it.

This size needs to be matching. This is very important! So if you can’t buy a bow with the draw strength equal to or over 40 pounds; do not use bows to go hunting, because that bow can’t make its arrow punch the prey and compass the body really deeply, especially when you shoot at a range of more 15 yards, as likely as not your press will be just damaged but not die. After that, they will scamper and you will certainly lose even that arrow. Besides, the draw weight of that bow must be suitable with your ability of handling.

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The commonly wild animals are hunted in the hunting trips

Have you known what animals are usually hunted in the hunting trips? We will introduce to you here.

1. The price of hunting

• African buffalo

For this type of wild African buffalo, you must pay a fee basing on the gender of the buffalo you want. For examples: if you just pay $ 8,000 to get a license to hunt a male African buffalo, the price for a male one is $ 10,000. Why did it have these differences? It is because the horn of male buffalo bigger than female, the price to hunt male buffalo is higher than a female one.

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Top 6 best lessons for late season of hunting mature deer

Deer hunters usually get 2 kinds of emotion for late season of hunting, either hate it or love it, because in this time, the chances to capture a big goal are much harder. You must have a right tactic, good hunting skill and excellent equipment for your success. In this article, we will talk about 6 best lessons for a nice deer hunting party in late season.

Which time to hunt

1.    Wait for a strike:

The first lesson and also the most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right time hunting. Every time you come to the hunting property, you are putting pressure on both deer and you. If you organize a hunting party in the wrong time, you give a chance for your goal to recognize and be educated about your appearance, which will lead to a bad result. So, let’s choose the best time for late season.

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Programs for women draw new customers

Outdoor sports programs designed to attract the participation of women are being organized. One such program is Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW). BOW resulted from a workshop which discussed angling and hunting activities for women. It was noted that women lacked many skills needed for outdoor sports. BOW provides workshops for women interested in both shooting and non-shooting activities. The topics of the workshops may include shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, orienteering, outdoor cooking and map and compass reading.

Last month I talked about several programs dealers can use to bring new customers into their shop and new shooters to the industry. This month let’s look at programs designed to bring women into the outdoor sports. Since statistics show clearly that women are the fastest growing segment of the outdoor marketplace, if you’re overlooking sales to women, you’re ignoring what could amount to a large segment of business.

The Outdoors Woman

A lot of organizations are jumping on the women’s bandwagon. Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) was the first, and so far is the leader, of all the programs designed to bring women to the sporting constituency.

The BOW program grew out of a workshop called “Breaking Down the Barriers to Participation of Women in Angling and Hunting,” held in 1990 at the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin. Workshop members listed barriers to women in the field. Many of those barriers were related to women’s lack of skills.

Early the next year, members of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation met with officials from the College of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Out of that meeting came the idea for the first Becoming an Outdoors Woman clinic.

Since then the program has grown explosively. Most states, and several Canadian provinces, now have BOW programs administered through their state wildlife agencies. Perhaps part of the attraction of the program stems from its broad base. The topics taught at the workshops are wide-ranging, appealing to shooters and non-shooters alike. Instructors strive to keep the atmosphere at the workshops relaxed and light-hearted, so women have a good time while they’re learning.

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Top 11 Trail camera buyer’s guide 2016

Nowadays, have many types of camera for hunting on the market, so to choose the 11 best trail camera, hunters need to read trail & game camera reviews in detail.

Here’s Top 11 Trail Game camera buyer’s guide 2016:

1.Pro-Cam 12 from Muddy

Day or night, still images or video, the Pro-Cam 12 from Muddy ($119.99; is equipped to do it all. With a detection range of 70 feet and a flash range of 60 feet for nighttime images, the Pro-Cam 12 also features 1280×720 HD video with audio capabilities. Full color 12MP day images and 5MP monochrome night images ensure you won’t miss a shot at any time during the 24-hour day. The casing is waterproof with a non-reflective bark pattern to keep it concealed in the field. Complete with an LCD screen and an invisible flash, trigger speed is 0.6 seconds.

2. Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless from Bushnell

All your scouting can be done via smartphone thanks to the Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless from Bushnell ($514.95; Completely upgraded for 2016, hunters will see improved nighttime images, high-resolution 14MP daylight photos with top-notch clarity and daily location updates from a working GPS. You’re at the controls with the free iPhone and Android apps, as well as expanded AT&T coverage. Other changes include a new case design with an easy-open latch, and a new price tag that will save you $100 from years past.

3. Primos Trail Camera

You want simple? Primos has it in the form of the Bullet Proof 2 ($86.95; Whether you’re new to trail camera altogether and want to ease into the market or simply don’t use the majority of features that come in other high-priced models, this is for you. The steps couldn’t be easier to follow: insert four AA batteries, put in your SD card and turn the camera on–that’s it! The Bullet Proof 2 has a 45-foot nighttime range, nine months of battery life and captures 8MP images and 720p video. Trigger speed is less than a second, and the camera has a one-year warranty.

4. Stealth Cam G Series

Ten percent smaller than the original G Series comes the G45NG Pro from Stealth Cam ($199, Featuring a camouflage pattern with a dull matte finish to eliminated glare, the camera will now shoot up to 14MP images with 100 feet of invisible nighttime illumination range. Also new for 2016, users have the ability to re-write the SD card should it fill up before you can switch cards. This allows you to keep the most current images while eliminating the oldest. The Reflex Trigger is less than half a second, and HD video records from 5-180 seconds with audio.

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When should hunters shoot does?

Shooting does is encouraged by state game departments and trendy among hunters. But should it be?

Recently, I’ve heard several well-intended friends proclaim I should take a bunch of does off my hunting property. Weird thing is, they said it without ever having seen my property. When pressed, one buddy admitted he didn’t have a clue how many deer I had, the property’s carrying capacity, or even how a robust doe harvest might help the hunting.

It seemed he’d watched too many hunting shows.

Fact is, whitetail populations are leveling out in some areas and even falling below what professional game managers consider ideal in others. In these areas, harvesting does is detrimental to the herd and to hunting.

In this column I’ll explain the impact doe harvests have on habitat and how to tell the difference between properties that need deer reduction and those that don’t.

The Science Of shooting does

Taking does controls impact on habitat more so than taking bucks because each doe killed also eliminates the potential to produce future deer. Conversely, taking a buck eliminates only that deer and not necessarily potential offspring because other bucks will breed in its place. Doe harvesting helps balance the buck-to-doe ratio, which makes it easier to hunt trophy bucks. This is because bucks must work harder and travel more to find a mate in areas with less does.

Also, where the buck-to-doe ratio is in balance, more does will breed on the first estrous cycle, which produces a consistent fawn birthing period. This consistent “fawn drop” allows those fawns a greater survival rate because predators have a brief surplus of food. After a couple of weeks, when the predators are looking for food again, fawns are stronger and more capable of escape. And higher fawn survival rate means more bucks will survive.

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How to keep hunters healthy from their great hunting?

During the whole hunting process outside, especially, even in the dangerous areas with the harsh weather, hunters will find it easier to suffer a lot of life-threatening diseases. Being aware of these risks, a handful of medical treatments related to controlling the dangerous wildlife and variously safety precautions is supposed to be conducted by hunters. According to some associations of American Health, hunters are not encouraged to hunt more; however, being obedient with legal regulations about hunting can help hunters to reduce those risks as much as possible.

It can be unavoidable that hunters and their hunting dogs can be easily suffered to many dangerous infected diseases from animals, poisonous insects and polluted soil and water as well. These diseases transmitting from infected animals to hunters, via the direct contact with infectious animals or contaminated water, polluted soil or the ingestion when hunters eat these contaminated animal products involving in meat and milk are one hundred percent of danger. Some kinds of insects are especially dangerous with the capacity of transmitting infected diseases to hunters namely mosquitoes, flies or mites. Therefore, to ensure the safety when participating in a hunt, hunters are supposed to follow some following suggestions.
  1. Good preparation before joining a hunt.

Before commencing an outside hunt, it’s necessary for hunters that they should take some following notices to make sure that they can avoid risks as much as possible.

  • If hunters feel ill, stop deciding to have a hunt.
  • Use special medicals to avoid being bit by dangerous insects.
  • Remember to always protect your hands with special gloves in order to avoid the harmful risks.

When your bodies are in the bad condition of illness, they will find it easier to suffer a lot of dangerous diseases. Because of the fact that their immune systems are weakened by the external attacking factors, their bodies cannot protect themselves from illness; therefore, their health is in danger. Moreover, it can be undeniable that illness will make hunters exhausted when hunting in the bad condition, reduce their fresh mind and lessen the hunting achievements.

In addition, when hunting in the forests, under the very harsh weather, hunters must face a huge turnout of harmful risks from poisonous insects, which will lead to life- threatening diseases, namely, malaria, fever, flu and so on. As a result, before starting the hunt, hunters are forced to put on particular gloves and use insect- avoiding medicals to keep ourselves from the hard attack of insects.

  1. Maintaining some following notices during the time they have a hunt.

When you are hunting, there are some following- mentioned strict regulations that hunters themselves are forced themselves to implement if they do not suffer the dangerous diseases.
  • Do not handle the appeared- ill or abnormal- mannered animals.
  • Do not smoke, eat, drink or eat anything while you are hunting.
  • Make sure that you limit your contact with animals’ brains or spinal tissues.
  • Remember to wash your hands cleanly with special soap and fresh water if you touch the animals’ brains or spinal tissues by accident.
  • Remember to wash hunting tools, equipments and working surfaces cleanly.
  • Avoid eating meat without being carefully cooked.

When hunters have any contact with spinal tissues, they might not know the bad effect. It can be understandable that these tissues are mostly poisonous with a high capacity of being infectious. By accident, the hunters become harmful with poisonous bacteria from the carcass. Keep them away from these tissues or make sure that you protect them perfectly by protective clothing.

While you are hunting, eating or drinking can make you find easier to be infected by infected animals. Your food will be directly affected by contaminated or harmful substances. Therefore, washing your hands immediately with particular soap and fresh water can be a good solution to ensure that no harmful substances can harm your health. If hunters with a hand full of infected materials from abnormal animals, their health will be badly affected.

To sum up, following the passion is not enough, especially, with a dangerous passion as hunting. Be smart when hunting! Before becoming the first time experiencing with hunting, hunters are suggested having a deep knowledge about hunting, some special tricks to protect them from the attack of aggressive animals and techniques to effectively hunt. However, no matter how hard you follow your hunting passion, the most important thing is to protect ourselves from harmful diseases.

It is hoped that this article with two great points of good preparation before joining a hunt and maintenance some notices while hunting will be useful for hunters when equipping hunters with some specific tips to keep them away from life- threatening disease because of contacting closely with infectious animals. By taking account of these notices, we also hope that hunters will have a successful hunting with great achievements and good health forever.